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FC Revolution
Logo Usage Guidelines

 (FC Revolution)
 Logo Usage Guidelines

Unless otherwise noted, all materials and publications, including web sites and emails, are protected as the copyrights, trade dress and/or intellectual properties owned by FC Revolution.  Such intellectual properties may not be reproduced or used by others without the express written permission of FC Revolution.  All rights not expressly granted are reserved.


The (FC Revolution) name, logos, services marks, brand identities, titles, trade names, and graphics designs are property of FC Revolution.   Nothing used on clothing, uniforms, publications, web sites or other materials shall be construed as granting, by implication or otherwise, as a license or right to use any (FC Revolution) Logo or name by third parties.

The FC Revolution Soccer Club Logo is available for certain authorized usage by (FC Revolution) -affiliated teams and certain pre-authorized suppliers and vendors.  Unauthorized use of the (FC Revolution) Logo is strictly prohibited. 

The (FC Revolution) Logo is to be recognized as the official club logo, and if used, it must be presented in its entirety without modification, on such merchandise and/or materials including but not limited to the following:

• Soccer uniforms and other apparel, bags, hats, pins, patches, etc.
• Press releases and newsletters
• Posters, banners, field boards
• Print or broadcast ads
• Electronic mediums, web sites, on-site signage

• Registration forms, applications, etc.
• Marketing or informational brochures and materials 

Current FC Revolution member teams are granted a limited use the FC Revolution Soccer Club Logo for newsletters and team web sites for identification purposes as long as the logo is not altered or combined with other symbols, nor used in a manner inconsistent with the goals and mission of FC Revolution.  This limited license may be revoked at any time by FC Revolution for individuals or teams who, in the opinion of FC Revolution, do not adhere to FC Revolution policies.  In such instances, and upon the written or oral request of FC Revolution, all usage of the FC Revolution Logo and FC Revolution name must cease immediately.

All current FC Revolution -affiliated teams are further permitted to use the FC Revolution Logo in true form on Team Tents, Practice T-Shirts, Scrimmage Vests, Team and Team Sponsor banners and signs, as well as on Sponsor Recognition plaques and similar gifts. 

The FC Revolution Logo is a valuable property of the FC Revolution Club, and revenues generated by sales of FC Revolution Logo-bearing items are strictly subject to the direction and control of FC Revolution.  FC Revolution-affiliated teams may NOT use the FC Revolution Logo for any commercial purpose whatsoever (i.e., the purchase or sale of shirts, jackets, caps, scarves, blankets, umbrellas or other items bearing the FC Revolution Logo) without first receiving the prior written permission of the appropriate individual or individuals authorized to grant such permission by the FC Revolution owners.   Note - Teams should not place purchase orders with vendors for any FC Revolution Logo bearing items prior to gaining written approval (which may be approved or denied) of FC REVOLUTION.  Any written permission granted for such limited commercial purpose may be revoked at any time by FC Revolution for individuals or teams who do not adhere to FC Revolution policies.

The FC REVOLUTION Soccer Club Logo must always be used in the same proportions. It is intended to be used as a unit, and it must not be altered or modified from its standard form.  All applications of the Logo must use all colors properly as outlined. No other colors may be substituted in a color rendition. For non-color renditions, either 100% black or 100% white is acceptable. If Logo is presented in 100% white, it can only be placed on a solid dark background. If Logo is presented in 100% black, it can only be placed on a solid light background. 

As FC REVOLUTION acquires Club Sponsors, use of the club sponsor’s logo may be granted for marketing materials and apparel. Use/placement of the presenting sponsor’s logo is subject to the following:

• Sponsor logo usage must be submitted for approval prior to any use in conjunction with the FC REVOLUTION Logo, FC REVOLUTION Team Uniforms, or Team Banners and Tents.
• The size of the presenting Sponsor’s logo cannot be larger than the size of the FC REVOLUTION Logo.
• Placement of both logos must be indicated when submitted.

The FC REVOLUTION Logo is required on all club merchandise including but not limited to: Uniforms, T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, sweaters, hats etc. When screened or embroidered on apparel items, the Logo must be at least 2” wide.  For all apparel purchases or for fundraising wearable items, club sponsor merchandise must be used and supplied by an authorized vendor.

REMINDER - All described uses of the FC REVOLUTION Logo in the foregoing guidelines for any commercial purpose whatsoever must receive the prior written approval of FC Revolution.