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If you have a son who has excelled at the club level and is looking for a more challenging experience to grow as a player, please email Coach Matt through the link below.



Head Coach

Phone: 610-573-6267

Tanner Karas

Assistant Coach

Phone: 484-793-2094



Manager/Assistant Coach

Phone: 610-468-8405

John Stuck

Assistant Coach

Phone: 610-698-2838


Next Action!


Upcoming Tournaments:

 - BETHESDA PREMIER CUP (Maryland) : Nov18th-20th 2022

- EDP CUP FALL SHOWCASE (New Jersey): Nov 26th-27th 2022

- PA CLASSICS WINTER SHOWCASE (Pennsylvania): Dec 3-4th 2022

- PENN FUSION WINTER SHOWCASE (Pennsylvania): Feb 24th-26th 2023

- FC EUROPA TURF CUP (Pennsylvania): Mar 4th-5th 2023

- JEFFERSON CUP SHOWCASE (Virginia): Mar 31st-Apr 2nd 2023

- FC DELCO PLAYERS CUP (Pennsylvania): May 26th-29th 2023

* Schedule Subject to Change

FC Revolution - 11 v 11 Turf Field (Exeter Twp High School)

FC Revolution Complex - 11 v 11 Grass Field

Hello FC Rev Parents and Families:

As we begin play this coming season, there are several items to consider and remember.  We take great pride in the reputation of our club and we hope you will adhere to the following guidelines during training sessions and games:

  1. SIDELINE BEHAVIOR - Please remember that games are for the kids.  We have had very few incidents over the past years, but one person can ruin everything.  Please refrain from yelling at referees, coaches, other players, other parents, and your own child.  We certainly encourage cheering and hope you acknowledge nice goals, saves, and hustle.
  2. SIDELINE COACHINGParents and/or older siblings should never shout instructions to the players during games or training sessions.  These words of "advice" can be extremely detrimental to your child, and to his/her teammates.  As far as tactics go, the only voices that should be heard during games are those of the players and coaches.
  3. REFEREES - There is already a major shortage of referees for soccer.  Many new and inexperienced referees will be assigned to our U10-14 games.  We need to help the referees grow.  Many young refs quit after one season because of verbal abuse.  Yelling at referees will not be tolerated ... UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.  The coach will handle any issues that seem to be extreme in nature.
  4. PLAYING TIME - Please leave your stop watch at home.  While coaches will make an attempt to play everyone at least half the game, sometimes things don't work out as planned, for various reasons.  NOTE:  Tournament finals and State Cup games are treated differently, and playing time will not be equal.
  5. PARENTAL CONCERNS - We are here to guide your child to success.  If you have questions or concerns, we want to help you!  Please remember the proper chain of command when faced with an issue regarding your son or daughter.  Parents should contact the head coach - FIRST.  If you feel as though there is still an issue, please contact me directly.  HOWEVER, IT IS NEVER APPROPRIATE to approach a coach immediately after a game.  Emotions are high, so please use the 24 hour rule, be mature... consider your words wisely... and try to refrain from embarrassing the club, yourself, the coach, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, your child.
  6. TRAINING SESSIONS - Training sessions will continue to take place 2x / week during the outdoor seasons and 1x / week during the winter months, knowing there might be periodic weather issues.
  7. PLAYER DEVELOPMENT - Player development is a PROCESS.  Patience and trust in the club's philosophy and methodology is a must.  If you're looking for instant success during every game or tournament, you're in the wrong club.  We always try to win, but not at the expense of trying to play the right way ... or by using incorrect methods.
  8. YOUTH SOCCER - Youth soccer, and youth sports in general, are supposed to be fun.  We must all work together to make sure your child has a fun and positive experience with the club.  Keep the dialogue open, and we'll make sure your goals are accomplished.