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NEW FC Revolution Training Programs

Red Rhinos

(Ages 6-9)

Rhinos Training Team

(Ages 9-12)


Do you have a young soccer player in your family looking to improve their skills?

Let FC Revolution help get your son or daughter started on the right (or left) foot!

     As one of the most respected youth soccer clubs in the region, we feel it is our duty to give back to the next generation of soccer players.  By partnering with the already existing FC Royale Zone 1 Training and Tournament Team founder, Justin Perella, we are now able to offer their same great training program through FC Revolution.

     This partnership will be called the FC Revolution Red Rhinos and will focus on what US Soccer considers its Zone 1 Training Program.  Zone 1 simply refers to the training dedicated to children ages 6-9 that are either just getting started or are looking to get started in the beautiful game.

     With over 25 years of experience in working with these age groups, FC Royale founder and head of player development, Justin Perella, is extremely excited to bring his proven training program to FC Revolution. 

“As soccer continues to gain popularity in the States, we see so many kids that still need the right training.  Although we believe that recreational soccer clubs are a great way for our kids to get touches and play games, the training they need at the younger age groups is crucial to their growth in the sport.  We see our Rhinos' training program as a great add on to ALL recreational players as well as their coaches.”

- Justin Perella, Head of Player Development

What’s more, FC Revolution Owner, Mike Moyer had this to say about Justin and this new Zone 1 Training Program being offered by his Club.

"I've known Justin Perella since 1989, and can say without reservation, that his enthusiasm is second to none.  He is perfect for this program and this age group, and he knows how to teach the game."  

  • Mike Moyer, Owner of FC Revolution

     Once we have launched our program, we will continue to send out emails and post information on our site for information on future training for kids as well as coaches.  These training sessions will include skills, tactics and drills that will enable your child to get the best training to take their game to the next level, whatever that next level may be.

     Please feel free to invite a friend but know that all players are required to register online. 

     Please click the Red Registration Bar above to register for upcoming sessions.


Do you have a young soccer player in your family interested in joining a Premier Team?

     Due to the popularity of FC Royale, we are establishing a training team for any and all recreational and premier players at other clubs that are interested in playing for an FC Revolution premier team in their specific age group.

     This program will be open to any players ages 9-12 who are interested in training with other premier level players.  The goal of this training team is to prepare these players for tryouts on their specific FC Revolution Team as well as be available to any premier teams that may have injuries or lose players in mid-season.

Please note: not all players from this Red Rhino training team are guaranteed a position on an FC Revolution premier team; however it is a great way for the older players to get more touches and play against better players.

This will only help improve their game so they are ready when tryouts come around in the spring.

How do you get your Son or Daughter on the Training Team?

If you have a son or daughter interested in participating on any one of our Training Teams (ages 9-12) then please register them by using the Red Registration Bar above and also reach out to fcrevperella@gmail.com or call Justin Perella @ 484-955-7815 for more information.

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